Mission Updates: Ariane 5 – ATV-3

ESA’s third Automated Transfer Vehicle, launched on an Ariane 5 from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana on 23 March successfully at 04:31 UTC, it docked with the International Space Station on March 28th 2012.

The flight of ATV-3 is part of the internationally coordinated servicing effort to support the International Space Station.

Mission Videos

March 23rd, 04:34 UTC
Successful Launch

23rd March 2012 – 05:38 UTC

ATV-3 has successfully separated from the upper stage! Docking is set for March 28th 2012.

23rd March 2012 – 05:34 UTC

The short 28 second, second burn of the upper stage has completed.

23rd March 2012 – 04:52 UTC

The first burn of the upper stage has completed and the stage is shut down for a 42 minute coast phase.

23rd March 2012 – 04:43 UTC

First stage has extinguished and separated from the upper stage, And the upper stage has ignited!

23rd March 2012 – 04:37 UTC

Fairing jettison! The fairing protecting the ATV-3 has split in two and fell away from the vehicle.

23rd March 2012 – 04:36 UTC

The two solid rocket boosters either side of the first stage have separated from the rocket as everything goes nominally.

23rd March 2012 – 04:31 UTC

The Ariane 5 Rocket has successfully lifted off from Kourou.

22nd March 2012 – 18:00 UTC

Nearing 10 hours until launch, The preparations are going nominally. Check out the photos of the processing of ATV-3 to the right, or the videos at the bottom of this page.

21st March 2012 – 21:00 UTC

The Ariane 5 rocket arrived at the Launch Pad at 15:30 UTC after a 1 hour, 15 minute ride along the rail tracks.

Photo credits: European Space Agency

21st March 2012 – 17:30 UTC

The Ariane 5 rocket was rolled out to the launch pad in French Guiana this afternoon.

20th March 2012 – 18:00 UTC

The Ariane 5 Launcher was given a ‘GO’ to launch in the early morning of March 23rd. Rollout of the launcher will take place tomorrow, March 21st.

Launch is scheduled for 04:31 UTC and will lift the heaviest payload yet for the Ariane 5, The 3rd Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) which will bring much needed supplies to the International Space Station.