Mission Updates: Delta 4 – NROL-25

A Delta IV rocket carrying the NROL-25 payload for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office launched April 3rd 2012 at 23:12 UTC.

Mission Videos

April 3rd, 23:12 UTC
Successful Launch

4th April 2012 – 16:00 UTC

ULA have released photos of the launch:

3rd April 2012 – 23:15 UTC

Due to the secrecy in the payload, further updates on the mission are not available.

3rd April 2012 – 23:15 UTC

The payload fairing has separated from the rocket.

3rd April 2012 – 23:13 UTC

The two solid rocker boosters have separated from the rocket, mission continuing nominally.

3rd April 2012 – 23:12 UTC

And liftoff of a Delta IV M+(5,2) from Vandenberg Airforce Base.

3rd April 2012 – 23:08 UTC

The count has picked up, T-4 minutes and counting.

3rd April 2012 – 23:06 UTC

Poling of the launch team has given a ‘Go’ for launch. Launch in T-6 minutes.

3rd April 2012 – 22:10 UTC

It’s now T-1 Hour to launch of this Delta IV-4 with the secret NROL-25 payload. ULA are reporting no technical issues that may effect tonights launch.

3rd April 2012 – 21:40 UTC

Fueling has completed at Vendenberg Airforce Base and Complex 6 where the Delta IV M+ rocket is awaiting liftoff only 2 and a half hours away from now.

3rd April 2012 – 17:30 UTC

This morning the large launch gantry building-like-structure was rolled back revealing the Delta IV vehicle. This Delta IV M+ has two solid rocket boosters and a 5 meter diameter payload fairing, capable of lifting just over 4,500kg to orbit.

3rd April 2012 – 11:00 UTC

The Delta IV rocket has been approved and given the ‘go’ for launch tonight at 23:12 UTC, 16:12 Local depending on the weather. Weather for launch is predicted to be around 60% ‘go’.

1st April 2012 – 23:00 UTC

The issue with the upperstage engine seemed to have not been resolved as ULA have pushed the launch back to April 3rd at 23:12 UTC, 16:12 Local.

31st March 2012 – 01:00 UTC

The issue with the upperstage engine has been resolved and the lift off time has been reset to April 2nd at 23:04 UTC, 16:04 Local time.

29th March 2012 – 03:00 UTC

The lift off has been pushed back 24 hours due to time required to review the upperstage engine.

25th March 2012 – 03:00 UTC

Launch has been set for 22:30 UTC on March 29th 2012.

21st March 2012 – 18:00 UTC

A launch window of 21:00 to 00:15 UTC has been announced, the NROL-25 is a classified payload for U.S. National Reconnaissance Office.