Launch of Heavy Ariane 5 Rocket with DirecTV-15 & Sky Mexico-1

Another of Europe’s super launch rocket, the Ariane 5, successfully lifted off from it’s launch pad in Kourou, French Guiana today at 21:16 UTC, 18:16 Local time carrying the DirecTV-15 and Sky Mexico-1 satellites.

This was the 79th Ariane 5 to launch on mission VA-223, DirecTV-15 for the American DirecTV operator will be positioned at 103 degrees West and weighs 6,300kg. It will provide television to the United States, Canada, Alaska and Puerto Rico through it’s 30 Ku-Band and 24 Ka-Band transponders. Sky Mexico-1 for Mexico will be positioned at 79 degrees West and weighs 1,250kg. It will provide television to Mexico, Central America and Caribbean through it’s 24 Ku-Band and 2 R-Band transponders.

Source: Arianespace

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