Launch of JCSAT-13 & VINASAT-2 on Ariane 5

The 62nd Ariane 5 lifted off from Kourou in French Guiana today, May 15th 2012, at 22:12 UTC. The Ariane 5 carried the JCSAT-13 and VINASAT-2 communication satellites into orbit.

JCSAT-13 at 4350kg has a design life of over 15 years and is for Japanese operator SKY Perfect JSAT, it is fitted with 44 Ku-Band transponders and will provide TV broadcast capability to all over Japan.

VINASAT-2 is around 2970kg has a design life of over 15 years and is for Vietname providing radio, television and telephone capabilities through it’s 24 Ku-Band transponders.

Both satellites were constructed by Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems and these satellites are the 100th and 101th commercial geostationary communications satellites built by Lockheed Martin since 1975.

Source: Arianespace

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