New Website Coming - 4th June 2018

It will be 7 years on March 13th since we launched SpaceVids back in 2011 and 5 years since the launch of the website - Since then the website has outgrown the Space sector and is in dire need of an upgrade. To mark the 5th anniversary we will be launching a brand new stunning website on April 2nd June 4th 2018, The new website will have all of the same videos along with historical data in a fully responsive view.

We have pushed launch back into June by a month to allow us to ensure the historical videos are all imported properly.

Make-Shift Shuttle De-mate Device Constructed at KSC

Ahead of Shuttle Discovery’s Arrival at Dulles International Airport, and Shuttle Enterprise’s departure to New York. Workers at Kennedy Space Center practised setting up a make-shift de-mate/mate device which will allow them to move the Shuttles onto, and off the Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft.

Source: NASA Television

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