New Website Coming - 4th June 2018

It will be 7 years on March 13th since we launched SpaceVids back in 2011 and 5 years since the launch of the website - Since then the website has outgrown the Space sector and is in dire need of an upgrade. To mark the 5th anniversary we will be launching a brand new stunning website on April 2nd June 4th 2018, The new website will have all of the same videos along with historical data in a fully responsive view.

We have pushed launch back into June by a month to allow us to ensure the historical videos are all imported properly.

NASA Tests Orion Spacesuit In Zero Gravity

NASA took to the air this week to test the modified ACES, or Advanced Crew Escape Suit, being designed for use in the Orion spacecraft. The modified ACES suit would be used during launch and entry, as well as during unexpected depressurizations on Orion. To see how well astronauts will be able to move in space while wearing the pressurized suit, it was tested on an airplane flying steep parabolas to provide moments of simulated zero gravity.

The design is based heavily on – and uses many of the same parts as – the space shuttle launch and entry suits, which were called ACES. However this suit is a “closed loop” system, which means it has the ability to get rid of the carbon dioxide an astronaut breathes out.

Source: NASA Television

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