Orion MPCV Mock-Up Makes A Splash

Engineers at NASA Langley’s Landing Impact Research Facility made a splash on Tuesday, July 12, when they successfully dropped a 22,000 pound ORION MPCV test article into the center’s new water basin. After months of facility reviews and procedural check-outs that included testing pyro systems and practice drops with smaller test articles, engineers anxiously awaited the first drop test. Engineers and spectators clapped and cheered as the capsule hit the water at 24 mph with a big splash. After impact, it boobed back up and travelled to the far side of the basin where it bumped into the rubbery sides of the pool. Additional drop tests at greater velocities will be conducted throughout the summer and fall. The tests will initially validate and improve the computer models of impact and acoustic loads used in the design and engineering process of the Orion MPCV, and will ultimately qualify the final vehicle design for flight. A ribbon cutting ceremony for the Hydro Impact Basin is scheduled for Aug 9th.

Source: NASA Television

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