Mission Updates: Proton – Intelsat 22

An ILS Proton-M rocket launched on March 25th 2012 at 12:10 UTC carrying the Intelsat 22 communications satellite.

Mission Videos

March 25th, 12:10 UTC
Successful Launch

26th March – 04:00 UTC

After a mission of 15 hours and 30 minutes the Intelsat 22 Satellite was released at 04:40 UTC.

25th March – 12:28 UTC

The first burn of the Briz-M upperstage has finished, there are four more burns in this mission before the Intelsat 22 is separated.

25th March – 12:24 UTC

The first burn of the Briz-M upperstage has ignited.

25th March – 12:22 UTC

The Proton third stage has now separated from the Briz-M upperstage.

25th March – 12:17 UTC

The second stage has now separated as the third stage ignites for it’s burn.

25th March – 12:12 UTC

The Proton first stage has separated!

25th March – 12:10 UTC

Lift off of the Proton rocket carrying the Intelsat 22 satellite.

25th March – 11:17 UTC

Launch gantry has now stopped at it’s launch position.

25th March – 11:12 UTC

The launch gantry is slowly pulling away from the rocket as we get closer to launch.

25th March – 11:09 UTC

Launch is now at T-1 Hour as the Proton rocket sits fully fuelled on the launch pad.

25th March – 10:00 UTC

Fuelling of the Proton rocket has finished as the countdown enters T-2 Hours.

23rd – 18:00 UTC

The Proton rocket was rolled out to the launch pad today ahead of the launch, set for 25th March 2012 at 12:10 UTC.