SpaceX Dragon CRS-2 Arrives at Port After Successful Splashdown

A Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) Dragon spacecraft successfully completed the company’s second cargo flight to the International Space Station on Tuesday, March 26, with a 12:36 a.m. EDT splashdown in the Pacific Ocean a few hundred miles west of Baja California, Mexico. Dragon is the only space station resupply spacecraft able to return a significant amount of cargo to Earth. Investigations included among the returned cargo could aid in food production during future long-duration space missions and enhance crop production on Earth. Others could help in the development of more efficient solar cells, detergents and semiconductor-based electronics. Dragon also is returning several human research samples that will help scientists continue to examine how the human body reacts to long-term spaceflight. The results will have implications for future space exploration and direct benefits here on Earth.

Source: NASA Television

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