Static Fire Update from ISS Mission Control

ISS Mission Control in Houston gives an update on the Falcon 9 COTS 2+ Dragon mission to the International Space Station after the successful Static Fire or Hot Fire of it’s nine main engines. Views of the static fire are shown from an alternate angle from SpaceX’s feed from yesterday.

SpaceX fired up the Falcon 9 COTS 2+ nine main engines on April 30th 2012, at 20:15 UTC. The engines fired for two seconds for engineers to go through the data and ensure the vehicle is ready for launch, set for May 7th 2012, at 13:38 UTC.

The engine firing was originally set for 19:00 UTC but a hold at T-47 seconds caused a reset in the launch countdown, The hold was due to a limit being improperly configured which caused a red line abort.

Source: NASA Television

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