August 2nd - 22:30 UTC

Video of the launch is now available at the bottom of this page.

August 2nd - 21:28 UTC

The final payload, Hylas 2 has separated from the upper stage. Another successful mission for Arianespace and the Ariane 5 launcher.

August 2nd - 21:27 UTC

Six springs have pushed the black cylinder covering Hylas 2 called the Sylda away from the upper stage in preparation for the Hylas 2 separation.

August 2nd - 21:22 UTC

The first payload Intelsat 20 has separated on time.

August 2nd - 21:20 UTC

The upper stage has shut down on time, The vehicle will coast for a few minutes before separating the two payloads.

August 2nd - 21:03 UTC

The upper stage has ignited on time after the main core stage shut down and separated from the upper stage. This upper stage is the final stage and will burn for 16 minutes.

August 2nd - 20:58 UTC

The payload fairing halves have separated, Everything continues to be normal.

August 2nd - 20:57 UTC

The boosters will fall 500km from shore and will land in the water. The core main stage continues to burn.

August 2nd - 20:56 UTC

The two side boosters have burned out and separated right on time.

August 2nd - 20:55 UTC

All the parameters are nominal as the Ariane 5 continues to roar into the blue sky.

August 2nd - 20:54 UTC

Lift off. The Ariane 5 has cleared the pad.

August 2nd - 20:53 UTC

T-0. The cryogenic arms have pulled back and the main engining has ignited.

August 2nd - 20:52 UTC

T-1 minute, Everything remains green for launch.

August 2nd - 20:47 UTC

T-7 minutes. The automated sequence has started.

August 2nd - 20:43 UTC

This launch will bring 10.1 tonns into Geostationary Transfer Orbit, A record for the Ariane 5. Weather at the site are gorgeous blue skies.

August 2nd - 20:40 UTC

The Ariane 5 for tonights launch sits fully fuelled at the Spaceport in French Guiana. Weather, range and the vehicle are all green for launch tonight.

August 1st - 20:10 UTC

Today the Ariane 5 rolled to the launch pad at the Spaceport in French Guiana. Lift off of Intelsat 20 and HYLAS 2 totalling 10,180kg is set for August 2nd 2012 with a launch window of 20:54 to 21:51 UTC.

August 1st - 14:20 UTC

Yesterday launch was given a 'GO' after a launch readiness review at the spaceport. The next milestone will occur today with rollout of the Ariane to the launch pad.

July 27th - 06:00 UTC

Final pre-flight preparations are beginning at the Spaceport in French Guiana after the Intelsat 20 satellite was lowered onto of HYLAS 2 yesterday. This marks the completion of encapsulation of the payloads into the payload fairing.

July 26th - 09:10 UTC

Final payload integration is underway at the Spaceport in Kourou as the HYLAS 2 payload was integrated onto the launch vehicle yesterday, July 25th. HYLAS 2 will sit in the bottom position. Today a black cylinder will be placed over HYLAS 2 called the Sylda Adapter. On top of Sylda the second payload, Intelsat 20 will be placed. In this order Intelsat 20 will be released first, followed by the Sylda then HYLAS 2.

The entire vehicle will be rolled out to the launch pad on August 1st 2012.