July 29th - 16:30 UTC

The crew of Expedition 32 successfully opened the hatches between the ISS and HTV-3 yesterday July 28th to begin the process of unloading cargo and loading the HTV-3 up with trash.

July 27th - 15:15 UTC

Video of the berthing as well as a timelapse video is now available at the bottom of this page.

July 27th - 14:34 UTC

The HTV-3 is now firmly in place as second stage capture is complete. The next steps for the crew will be hatch opening which will take place tomorrow, However because the crew are ahead of schedule it may occur later today.

July 27th - 14:27 UTC

The robotic arm is now limp as second stage capture begins.

July 27th - 14:26 UTC

First stage capture is now complete, the Station's Robotic Arm will be set to limp mode before the second stage capture, this ensures the arm is not putting any extra pressure on the craft and the mechanisms.

July 27th - 14:21 UTC

Bolts are now driving in place.

July 27th - 14:15 UTC

The HTV-3 is now in the ready to latch position, hooks and latches will drive to provide a tight mate for the duration of the crafts stay. Once complete the Station robotic arm will release and move away from the HTV-3.

July 27th - 14:10 UTC

The crew are well ahead of schedule as the HTV-3 is slowly lowered into place on the Harmony node.

July 27th - 13:15 UTC

Videos of the approach and grapple are available at the bottom of this page. Berthing to the Harmony node is set for around 14:45 UTC.

July 27th - 12:24 UTC

HTV-3 has been captured! The grapple capture occurred at 12:23 UTC.

July 27th - 12:15 UTC

A final 'GO' for capture has been given, Capture is due to occur in the next 5 minutes.

July 27th - 11:50 UTC

The HTV is now moving on it's final approach for grapple. Grapple will occur at 12:20 UTC due to crews preference to do the grapple during daylight.

July 27th - 11:42 UTC

Capture time has been delayed to 12:27 UTC so there is KU coverage for live video.

July 27th - 11:26 UTC

The HTV-3 has arrived at the 30 meter hold (100 feet) point. The craft will stay there for about 20 minutes as monitoring tests take place before the approach continues.

July 27th - 11:11 UTC

Todays activities are a little behind schedule and a new grapple time of 12:20 UTC has been announced.

July 27th - 11:08 UTC

The HTV-3 is 360 feet away from the International Space Station as crew onboard prepare to grapple the HTV with the Stations Rebotic Arm today.

July 21st - 04:15 UTC

Videos and photos of the rollout and launch are now available at the bottom of the page.

July 21st - 02:25 UTC

The separation was clean with the entire flight being perfect, The HTV-3 is due to arrive at the International Space Station on July 27th 2012 where Joe Acaba will move the Station Robotic Arm and grapple the HTV-3 at 12:04 UTC. Akihiko Hoshide will then move the HTV-3 for berthing to the Harmony module at 14:45 UTC.

July 21st - 02:22 UTC

JAXA has confirmed the HTV-3 has separated from the second stage, HTV-3 is in orbit!

July 21st - 02:21 UTC

The second stage has shut down on time.

July 21st - 02:15 UTC

T+ 8 minutes into flight, HTV-3 is now at 260km at 5700 meters per second.

July 21st - 02:13 UTC

The HTV-3 is now at 200km at 5300 meters per second. Everything is nominal.

July 21st - 02:12 UTC

The first stage engines have shut down and separated from the second stage, This was quickly followed by the ignition of the second stage. The second stage will burn for the rest of the flight.

July 21st - 02:11 UTC

JAXA has confirmed the payload fairing has jettisoned on time at T+ 3 minutes 40 seconds. The next milestone will be first stage engine cutoff at T+ 5 minute 47 seconds.

July 21st - 02:09 UTC

The solid rocket boosters have jettisoned from the rocket.

July 21st - 02:06 UTC

Thick clouds have prevented visuals of the rocket in flight.

July 21st - 02:06 UTC

LAUNCH! The Japanese H-IIB rocket with the third HTV cargo craft has launched from Tanegashima Space Center in Japan. It is filled with 4 tons of supplies for the International Space Station.

July 21st - 02:04 UTC

T-3 minutes, Weather is raining and hazy but still green.

July 21st - 02:00 UTC

Range is 'GO' for launch.

July 21st - 01:59 UTC

The T-8 minute terminal countdown has began.

July 21st - 01:57 UTC

The final polling has given a 'GO' to launch at 02:06 UTC.

July 21st - 01:56 UTC

The countdown has just passed T-10 minutes, JAXA are currently polling for a final GO/NO GO decision for launch.

July 21st - 01:55 UTC

The HTV-3 will be carrying 4 tons of supplies to the International Space Station, 61% are spare parts, 15% food for the crew, 20% science equipment and experiment hardware and 4% is crew supplies. Previous HTV's have flown water but there is none on this flight as the Station has plenty from previous cargo flights.

July 21st - 01:33 UTC

NASA has informed JAXA in Japan that all the control centers around the world are ready to support the HTV-3 and are 'GO' for launch.

July 21st - 01:25 UTC

Everything is on track for tonights launch at 02:06 UTC from the stunning Tanegashima Space Center in Japan.

July 21st - 01:15 UTC

The 'GO' was given for T-60 minute operations to commence. Weather is a concern, specifically lightning at the Tanagashima Space Center where it is 10:15am local time.

July 21st - 17:00 UTC

The Japanese H-IIB rocket with the HTV-3 cargo spacecraft was rolled out to the launch pad today ahead of launch from the Tanegashima Space Center. This launch will send the 3rd of 7 HTV transfer vehicles to the International Space Station full of cargo. The HTV has both internal and external storage capacity but does not return cargo, it like the ATV and Progress burns up in the atmosphere.

July 19th - 11:20 UTC

The HTV-3 hatch will be closed in the next day or two as late loading of cargo comes to an end, With the hatch closed the HTV-3 on the H-IIB rocket will then roll out to the launch pad.

July 10th - 13:00 UTC

Launch draws closer as the H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) Kounotori 3 was encapsulated in the payload fairing on July 1st in the Spacecraft and Fairing Assembly Building 2 (SFA2) at the Tanegashima Space Center. The payload fairing protects the HTV-3 from air resistance, friction and acoustic vibrations during launch.

The freshly encapsulated HTV-3 was then moved from the SFA2 to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) and mated to the H-IIB rocket on the 7th and 8th of July.

Launch is set for July 21st 2012 at 02:18 UTC, 11:18 local time from the Tanegashima Space Center. It will arrive at the International Space Station on July 27th where the Stations Robotic Arm will grapple and berth the HTV-3 cargo spacecraft to the Station. Crew members onboard the Station will then begin the process of unloading cargo and loading trash back into HTV-3. HTV-3 will stay at the complex until September 6th.