February 11th - 20:46 UTC

Hard mate has been achieved with hooks closing at 20:45 UTC. This completes the docking procedures for Progress M-18M (50).

February 11th - 20:36 UTC

CONTACT AND CAPTURE! The Progress M-18M has docked to the Station complex at 20:35 UTC.

February 11th - 20:33 UTC

20 meters separating the Progress and Station now.

February 11th - 20:31 UTC

Progress now at 40 meters.

February 11th - 20:25 UTC

The Progress now resuming approach.

February 11th - 20:25 UTC

Now stationkeeping at 180m.

February 11th - 20:15 UTC

Progress now 300m away from the station performing it's flyaround.

February 11th - 20:05 UTC

The Progress is now 2km away from the International Space Station.

February 11th - 15:30 UTC

Video of the launch is now available at the bottom of this page.

February 11th - 14:52 UTC

T+9m: Confirmation that the solar arrays and antennas have deployed successfully.

February 11th - 14:51 UTC

T+9m: PROGRESS SEPARATION! Confirmation that the Progress has separated from the third stage.

February 11th - 14:50 UTC

T+9m: The third stage has shut down on time.

February 11th - 14:47 UTC

T+5m: The third stage has ignited which was quickly followed by second stage separation.

February 11th - 14:45 UTC

T+3m: The payload fairing has jettisoned revealing the Progress M-18M. The second stage is burning well.

February 11th - 14:44 UTC

T+2m: The four strap on boosters have separated on time.

February 11th - 14:42 UTC

T-0: LAUNCH! A Soyuz-U rocket has blasted off from Baikonur carrying the Progress M-18M.

February 11th - 14:40 UTC

T-40s: The third stage umbilical is separating.

February 11th - 14:39 UTC

T-3m: Everything is going smoothly in the countdown, Now just three minutes away.

February 11th - 14:06 UTC

T-35m: The service structure is now locked in launch position.

February 11th - 14:00 UTC

The two halves of the service structure are now lowering into launch position.

February 11th - 13:40 UTC

The sun has set at Baikonur as we pass T-1 Hour to launch.

February 11th - 13:00 UTC

A 'GO' for launch has been given by Russian officials as fueling is underway at Baikonur.

February 11th - 10:00 UTC

The Soyuz-U booster with Progress 50 mated ontop was rolled out to the launch pad in Baikonur early morning on Saturday 9th February. Launch is still on track for an 14:41 UTC liftoff.

January 20th - 15:00 UTC

Launch of Russia's next cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station is set for February 11th at 14:41 UTC from Baikonur on a Soyuz-U rocket. The Progress M-18M (Progress 50).

Progress M-18M will use the fast 6 hour approach to the ISS as did the previous Progress M-17M, If all goes well docking is set to occur at 20:40 UTC. This is the third attempt of this new approach, which is being tested on unmanned Progress ships for eventual use in crewed Soyuz TMA Spacecraft which will remove the uncomfortable 3 day journey in the tiny capsule for the crew.

Processing of Progress M-18M continues and will wrap up with the encapsulation into the payload fairing. The entire unit will then be moved from the Spacecraft processing facility to be integrated with the Soyuz-U launch vehicle. On February 9th the entire Progress and Soyuz-U rocket will be rolled out to the launch pad and erected.

Launch will occur at exactly 14:41 UTC, Nearly two minutes into flight the four strap on boosters will fall away and the single center engine will burn for a further nearly three minutes at the second stage. 40 seconds or so after booster separation the payload fairing will separate. At nearly 5 minutes into flight the third stage will ignite, quickly followed by separation of the second stage, The third stage will burn for 4 minutes. On completion of the third stage burn the Progress M-18M will separation, deploy it's solar arrays and antennas and begin checkout ahead of a planned series of burns to bring it to the orbiting complex of the International Space Station.