November 21st 2012 - 08:01 UTC

Video of the launch is available at the bottom of this page.

November 21st 2012 - 08:00 UTC

EchoStar successfully separated from the Breeze-M 9 hours and 12 minutes into the mission.

November 20th 2012 - 20:30 UTC

Confirmation that the second Breeze-M burn has completed has been received.

November 20th 2012 - 18:50 UTC

Confirmation has been received that the first burn was completed, The Breeze-M will now enter a communication blackout until after the second burn is complete.

November 20th 2012 - 18:45 UTC

The first burn of the Breeze-M is now underway, This burn will last around 7 minutes.

November 20th 2012 - 18:44 UTC

The Proton-M third stage has separated from the upper stage Breeze-M and EchoStar 16.

November 20th 2012 - 18:40 UTC

The vehicle continues on it's journey, Everything is going well.

November 20th 2012 - 18:33 UTC

T+ 2 Minutes: The first stage has separated from the second stage. Confirmation that all four second stage engines have ignited!

November 20th 2012 - 18:32 UTC

The first stage is operating nominally.

November 20th 2012 - 18:31 UTC

T-0: LAUNCH! An ILS Proton-M rocket launched from Baikonur carrying the EchoStar 16 satellite.

November 20th 2012 - 18:30 UTC

T-30 Seconds: Everything is go at Baikonur.

November 20th 2012 - 18:20 UTC

Everything is GO for launch this evening as weather conditions are clear skies.

November 19th 2012 - 14:50 UTC

A ILS Proton-M rocket was rolled out to the launch pad at Baikonur ahead of launch. Launch is set for November 20th 2012 at 18:31 UTC. The rocket will carry the EchoStar 16 satellite into orbit.

EchoStar 16 has 32 Ku-Band transponders which will provide additional services for the DISH Network in the United States.