September 17th - 17:45 UTC

Video of the launch is now available at the bottom of this page.

September 17th - 17:40 UTC

MetOp-B has successfully separated from the Fregat upperstage!

September 17th - 16:38 UTC

T+10 Minutes: The Fregat upperstage and payload have now separated from the Soyuz Third Stage.

September 17th - 16:36 UTC

T+8 Minutes: The third stage is now burning. Everything is nominal.

September 17th - 16:30 UTC

T+2 Minutes: The four strap on boosters have fallen away from the vehicle.

September 17th - 16:28 UTC

T-0: Launch! A Soyuz-2-1A rocket has lifted off with MetOp-B from Baikonur!

September 17th - 16:28 UTC

T-10 Seconds: The main engines have ignitied.

September 17th - 16:26 UTC

T-1 Minute: Everything remains on target, The launch pad has been cleared of workers and a number of umbilicals will begin to disconnect.

September 17th - 16:07 UTC

T-20 Minutes: The service tower halves have now been secured in their launch position.

September 17th - 16:00 UTC

The service tower halves are now separating from the rocket.

September 17th - 15:46 UTC

At Baikonur, where night has fallen, preparations are underway to retract the two halves of the service towers which provide access to the vehicle for the ground crews.

September 16th - 12:05 UTC

The Russian Soyuz-2-1A rocket with Fregat upperstage was rolled to launch pad 31/6 at Baikonur on September 14th ahead of launch. Lift off is scheduled to occur on September 17th 2012 at 16:28 UTC.