June 21st - 09:50 UTC

All five payloads have successfully separated from the Fregat upperstage.

June 21st - 07:48 UTC

Video of the launch is now available at the bottom of this page.

June 21st - 06:55 UTC

The next update will be when the payloads have separated from the Fregat upper stage with the final separation due at 09:00 UTC.

June 21st - 06:49 UTC

The rocket has flown out of visual range however first stage shutdown and jettison should have occurred.

June 21st - 06:45 UTC

The four strap on boosters have jettisoned from the first stage.

June 21st - 06:45 UTC

Everything is going normally so far in the launch, Clear skies are creating perfect imagery of launch.

June 21st - 06:41 UTC

LAUNCH! Launch of a Soyuz-FG rocket from Baikonur!

June 21st - 06:34 UTC

The launch is now at T-6 minutes and counting, All is well in the countdown so far.

June 21st - 06:10 UTC

The service structure halves are now retracting from the rocket.

June 21st - 05:55 UTC

The service structure has been cleared of workers in preparation for the two halves to separate into launch position.

June 21st - 05:40 UTC

The countdown is now entering the final hour as engineers continue their work at Launch Pad 31/6 at Baikonur. Weather at the site is blue skies and light winds.

June 21st - 04:10 UTC

The Soyuz-FG sits fuelled at Baikonur as the countdown passes T-2 Hours 30 Minutes.

June 19th - 19:00 UTC

The entire Soyuz-FG vehicle was rolled out to launch pad 31/6 at Baikonur today July 19th.

June 18th - 13:00 UTC

The Soyuz-FG second stage, Fregat upper stage and payloads were mated to the Soyuz-FG first stage boosters July 18th ahead of rollout the next day. The four boosters will burn for nearly 2 minutes before separating, the single center booster will continue to burn for 5 minutes and the second stage will then burn for nearly 4 minutes.