October 12th 2012 - 22:00 UTC

T+ 3:45:00: SEPARATION of FM3 & FM4! Two more satellites have joined the Galileo GPS Fleet as the European Space Agency continue to build their planned number of 30 satellites.

October 12th 2012 - 21:55 UTC

Confirmation that the Fregat upper stage shut down on time has been given. The upper stage is now orientating to the separation position.

October 12th 2012 - 21:51 UTC

The Fregat upper stage has ignited for a four minute burn.

October 12th 2012 - 21:47 UTC

The Fregat upper stage has completed a roll in preparation for the second burn, coming up in a few minutes.

October 12th 2012 - 19:25 UTC

Videos of the launch as well as replays from various cameras around the launch pad are now available to watch at the bottom of this page.

October 12th 2012 - 18:40 UTC

T+24 Minutes: Confirmation of cut off of the Fregat upper stage has been received. The next burn will occur in just over 3 hours for it's second burn.

October 12th 2012 - 18:26 UTC

T+10 Minutes: The upper stage Fregat has ignited on it's first burn.

October 12th 2012 - 18:24 UTC

T+9 Minutes: Third stage has been confirmed as separating on time.

October 12th 2012 - 18:20 UTC

T+5 Minutes: The second stage has separated on time and the third stage of the Soyuz is now burning.

October 12th 2012 - 18:18 UTC

T+3 Minutes, 40 Seconds: The payload fairing has been jettisoned, no longer required to protect the satellites now the vehicle is outside of the atmosphere.

October 12th 2012 - 18:17 UTC

T+2 Minutes: The four strap on boosters have separated as the flight continues nominally.

October 12th 2012 - 18:15 UTC

T-0: LAUNCH! The third Soyuz has lifted off from Kourou in French Guiana.

October 12th 2012 - 18:14 UTC

The umbilical tower has lowered.

October 12th 2012 - 18:10 UTC

The physical launch key has been inserted and twisted at the Launch Control Center to permit launch of the Soyuz rocket.

October 12th 2012 - 17:45 UTC

T-30 Minutes: The countdown is proceeding nominally with a green board for range, vehicle and weather.

October 12th 2012 - 14:30 UTC

Fueling of the Soyuz rocket is underway, Weather is of slight concern due to upper level winds.

October 11th 2012 - 17:00 UTC

Video of satellite processing and rollout is now available at the bottom of this page.

October 10th 2012 - 08:15 UTC

The Soyuz arrived at the launch pad yesterday and is fully assembled ready for launch on October 12th at 18:15 UTC.